The Championship is an unforgiving league, so any team with promotion ambitions needs to be able to defend. Middlesbrough can do that and they haven’t conceded in any of their last 8 Championship matches, a run of 726 minutes (12 hours and 6 minutes).

It’s a remarkable record and a fantastic way to recover from the bitter pill of losing 3-0 to Hull before this 8-game run began.

So having said that, here are 5 things you could do with 726 minutes…..

1. Travel from the Riverside to the Amex, watch a live football match and get back.

It’s one of the longest journeys of the season for Boro fans, with Google Maps predicting a 5 hour 10 minute drive to Brighton. However, you could do that journey and watch a 90 minute game before reaching the 726 minute mark.

2. Listen to Chris Rea’s Road to Hell (parts 1&2) 80 times.

Chris is from Middlesbrough and his song describes the Brighton journey well.

You could listen to both parts of his hit Road to Hell in 9 mins. That’s 10 times per game without conceding a goal; easy going for Middlesbrough’s defence.

3. Get to the International Space Station and back.

According to BBC News , Tim Peake’s flight from Kazakhstan to the Space Station was six hours. In space the air pressure is nearly zero and there is no atmosphere. Plenty of atmosphere at the Riverside and no pressure.

4. Watch 2 days Test Cricket from 11am to 5pm.

A standard days Test Cricket in England starts at 11am, stay until 5pm and thats 360 minutes, which means you can go back the next day. It may be a gruelling day for spectators, but try watching your team score against Middlesbrough and you might think again.

5. My personal favourite. Take a flight to one of these destinations…

Australia (Sydney), Thailand (Bangkok), Hawaii (Honolulu), Japan (Tokyo), Mauritius, Singapore, South Korea (Seoul) or Venezuela (Caracas).

Whatever you choose to do, you wont see a goal against the Boro.


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