There has been a huge shift in tactics over recent seasons that threatens a skill that was once a defining feature of English football.
Across the English game a classic style is fading away, Width is no longer in fashion and has been replaced with a possession obsession, one up front and the art of crossing a dying trade.

According to Opta there has been a major decline in the number of crosses in English top tier football over the last ten years.

Going back a match would have around 42 crosses per game with about one third finding their man, wheras now it has dropped to around 29 with only a fifth of that number reaching a team mate.

Crosses have not only dropped in numbers they are also losing their effectiveness.

How should a team adapt? Inverted wingers with one up front? Or turn the whole fad around on itself and get teams utilising the flanks once again? Quite a few teams have reverted back to a 4-4-2 recently with some effective results.

Unfortunately only the managers can can make the changes and utilise their preferred tactics, and with such a continental influence in our leagues nowadays I fear the good old wide mans days may be numbered.



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