Collecting Boro Statistics since 1973

BoroStats is all about giving you ‘Stats worth Sharing’. We want you to be able to have informed discussions with other fans. So, once you have found an interesting stat you want to share, you can tweet, email or Facebook your findings with others.

Each player has his own page on BoroStats which are constantly updated with the latest performance data – so you can come to the site whenever you need to challenge a friends footy opinion. BoroStats has also developed its own player coefficient scoring algorithm. Without getting too technical, @boroform scores each on the ball action, the outcome, the position, the area of the field etc. Click the link below to find out more…

Main Data Source : Opta

Twitter : @boroform

Email : boroformguide@gmail.com

Official club website : http://www.mfc.co.uk




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