Let’s not forget virtually every mainstream media website, news site, top blog, Youtube, Google search – virtually every website you can think of with a sizeable audience uses advertising.

BoroStats Ad Pricing uses a very simple formula.  Here it is –

X pounds per month, per ad, with X being equal to the average daily views count divided by ten.

eg.. If the average views per day was 100, you can expect to pay £10pcm per banner/box ad.

Basically a supply and demand relationship to get exposure to the right customers. Niche websites need a much more targeted sponsor, which is why we prefer to look for advertisers in the local Teesside area.

Ask yourself three questions…

Who reads the BoroStats site?

Why are they there?

Would they use your business?

Alternative Pricing

Minimum monthly ad rate is £5 per month.

Monthly price plan is reviewed every 6 months.

Would you like to offer your product or service to our audience?

Contact us by Email at :

Advertisement paid in advance via PayPal, no refunds, no guarantee of performance.


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