Fans View by @lenny2411

I went to Palace last week, I went to Stoke today. All is not lost just yet. There are still so many points to play for and relegation is far from a certainty.

We have been really poor all season, a few odd performances here and there picking up points. It’s all good keeping it tight at the back and never losing by more than 2 but we simply are not creating enough chances to win games. It really is simple as that.

Booing Karanka isn’t going to help anyone. No matter what tactics, what formation, what instructions he gives to the team some of their performances have been embarrassing.

So many of our players seem to be playing half-hearted and as for Gaston Ramirez, he brought shame to our club today. Shouldn’t ever play in a Boro shirt again. Stuani tried when he came on and Clayton and Gibson showed some passion at the end.

A week of destiny will decide it with Swansea, Hull, Burnley and Sunderland all coming up in the next month or so.

Get behind the team – singing about your manager getting the sack isn’t going to help anyone. Trust the players, trust the manager, and trust Steve Gibson. At least at our club we know the man in charge actually cares about the club. Trust Gibson, back Karanka and sing your hearts out for the lads. A string of results and  all the frustrations will be a distant memory.

When Aitor came to our club, we had Jason Steele in goal we now have Victor Valdes, we had Scott McDonald up front, now we have Alvaro Negredo. Where we are now we owe to Karanka and  Gibson.

Next week we play for a place in the semi finals of the FA cup. Support our team, believe in the hierarchy and the results will come. We have a good squad with some good players, players like Gibson and Friend who care about our club. Negativity is not the way forward.

This season we have been incredibly unlucky. So many of our draws could have been wins with a bit of luck.

Remember last season and remember that feeling of going to the Riverside, that feeling of a special togetherness, where the passion of a town and the passion of the players and staff bonded together so perfectly.

Remember who we are and where we come from. Remember waking up in the morning of a home game and having that feeling of invincibility, knowing a packed out riverside was going to be bouncing and come 5pm on a Saturday, you’d be dancing around with the bloke who sits next to you, going home with a smile as wide as could possibly be.

Supporting Boro is a blessing, being able to associate ourselves with men like Ali Brownlee, the spirt of 86. That’s what we’ve built our foundations with. Passion and a love of our hometown club, no matter what happens Middlesbrough football club is our club, no matter who is in charge, which players play on the pitch. And one thing is for certain, that won’t ever change.

We are not dead and buried and we never will be. Remember people like Ali Brownlee and remember why you pay money to watch your team play. Don’t give up on your manager or your players. Keep selling out allocations and following the Boro home and away.

Going through bad times makes your realise how much you love your club.

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