Too many nil-nils?

How many football matches end 0-0 compared to Boro’s record this season
Using the coefficient database, this is quite easy to answer. And it throws up some interesting facts too.

During an average season, the percentage of football matches which end 0-0 is 8.1%.

This figure was the average from all 46 leagues covered by the Boroform coefficients; everything from the English Premier League to the Australian A League and those inbetween.

The league with the lowest number of 0-0 results was the Qatari Stars League with just 3.8%, followed by Scottish Premiership (3.9%), Dutch Jupiler (4.7%), English National League South (4.8%) and Chilean Primera (4.9%).

At the other end of the scale, the league with the highest number of full-time 0-0 results was the Ukrainian Premier League at a whopping 13.9%. Next highest was Italy’s Serie B (12.6%), then Egyptian Division 1 (12.5%), Romanian Liga 1 (12.4%) and Spanish Segunda (11.7%).

8.2% of English Premier League matches ended 0-0, with the English Championship finishing with exactly the same number.

Here is how the other top European leagues fared:

5.2% Dutch Eredivisie, ​7.9% Italian Serie A, ​7.9% Spanish Primera, 8.9% French Ligue, 9.2% German Bundesliga.

Over the Last Decade the lowest percentage of football matches ending 0-0 over an entire season was in 2008/09 when Chile’s Primera had just 1.9%.

The highest percentage of 0-0 draws was seen in the Egyptian Division 1 in 2013/14 which ended with a massive 17.7%.

The English Premier League over the past ten years has seen a low of 6.6% in 2010/11 and a high of 11.1% in 2008/09 so it’s not very consistent.

The average for all 46 leagues over the past decade has been between 7.5% and 8.6% which is definitely steadier. Quite amazing when you consider how individual leagues vary from season to season.

So lets put this into context with Middlesbrough’s recent record…

I used words like ‘whopping’ for 13.9% and ‘Massive’ for 17.7% as they are way above the averages for football in general.

This seasons record for Boro of 30 played and 7 x 0-0 draws could only be described ‘humungous’ at 23.3%.

The Premier League records for 0-0 draws in a season belong to Sunderland and Aston Villa (both with 9) which is 23.6%, so Boro are well on the way to beating this particular unwanted stat.

Here are Middlesbrough’s recent 0-0 percentages since Aitor Karanka took Charge in 2013…

2016/17  23.3%

2015/16  10.9%

2014/15  10.9%

2013/14  16.13%

Considering the recent average for any football club is between 7.5% and 8.6% these totals seem particularly high.

Football scores are always more likely to be low, In more than 85 percent of all games neither team scored more than three goals.

Those low scores help lead to thousands of draws — 47,412 since the foundation of the league system, to be exact. That’s more than a quarter of all games.

There have been 13,475 nil-nil draws in that time at an average of 7.2%

Great defences and poor attacks generate a 0-0 scoreline, but it is usually just one of the teams that holds one of these attributes which leads to a goalless situation, unfortunately Boro have both…

so there you have it, Middlesbrough have more 0-0 draws than they should, is this a good thing or bad thing?

One thing is for sure… it’s dull.


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