Boroform Coefficients 2016/17 season

2016/17 wasn’t a great season for the club, lack of goals, a poor transfer window and relegation confirmed before the final day.
But how did each individual player rate statistically based on Boroform coefficients, who had the more positive stats and where were the negatives?

Please bear in mind these ratings are based purely on statistics and no emotion or opinion is applied to their outcome.


On loan from Arsenal, Chambers had the highest coefficient of Boro players this season, and things may have been different for Boro without his injury. He made 7.3 clearances per game this season, the best by any Boro player in the campaign. He scored, assisted, was good in the tackle and in the air, and his passing was solid, playing 43 passes per game with an accuracy of 78%.

2⃣ ADAMA TRAORE (70.8%)

Probably a controversial entry for second place in the coefficients, but the ratings are based purely on positive v negative stats, and Traores total of 6.7 dribbles per game (the 3rd best in Europe after Neymar and Zaha) and the fact that only Forshaw made more key passes per game this season outweighed the times he made that poor final ball.

3⃣ GEORGE FRIEND (70.4%)

Friends Interceptions, Tackles and Assist totals per game all helped to generate a higher rating for him, a positive influence when starting, however only managed to play around half of this seasons matches.


Another possible controversial one, not popular due to his lack of ability to take a throw in, but Barragán enjoyed quite a solid start to the campaign which helped his rating, also bear in mind his tackles per game (2.8) and interceptions per game (2.3) were the highest of any player at the club this season.


All about the goals (9), the assists (4) and how well he performed aerially (4.9 aerials won pg), which were all the highest at the club this season. With better service he would possibly have been Boro’s standout player this campaign.


Currently not a popular figure, but as this is not a popularity contest Ramirez’ earlier season stats put him in good stead for a high rating. His assists, shots per game and key passes were second only to Negredo’s, and add to this his two goals, Ramirez slithers into the top six.

7⃣ FABIO DA SILVA (68.8%)

Solid and versatile although he can leave spaces for the opposition to exploit, Fabio has been something of a bargain this season. His stats are solid more than spectacular and it is somewhat surprising how good he is in the air given his stature. The second highest tackling stats for Boro this season and is not averse to a key pass when attacking, with only three Boro players ahead of him for creating chances per game.


Although he hasn’t featured in as many games as others (10 starts), Bernardo’s rating has been raised by his impressive pass accuracy of 85.2%, his solid tackling of two per game and an impressive 6.2 clearances per game (joint 2nd with Ben Gibson).

9⃣ BEN GIBSON (68.7%)

Gibson is one of only five players to ha ve played every minute of the Premier League season and as stated above, has an impressive 6.2 clearances per game and his pass accuracy (84.6) is only slightly behind Bernardo’s. Chipping in with a goal and an assist, Gibson is not Boro’s best tackler by any means, but if you want someone to put themselves in the way of danger Gibson is your man with the best record of blocks per game (0.8) of any Boro player this season.

🔟 ADAM CLAYTON (68.5%)

Boro’s pass master with an 87.4% pass accuracy, Clayton has made more tackles and more interceptions than any other Boro player this season. Not a goalscorer but has chipped in with two assists this season and has made an average of 42.6 passes per game, the best of any in Boro’s midfield.

1⃣1⃣ VICTOR VALDES (67.1%)

Valdes has made 78 saves for Boro this season (48 from iside the box) and some have been very important indeed. He has a cross catch percentage of 88% and conceded 36 goals, there are eight Premier League keepers who have conceded more. Fabianski, Boruc, Gomes, Foster, Marshall, Heaton, Randolph and Forster.


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