I Never Lose My Shit – But….

I never lose my shit – but….

There will just be pretty pictures of graphs and lots of numbers/stats on the BoroStats Twitter feed from now on as there are a few in the minority who take observations to heart and are incapable of sensible comment.

I dont have time for that bollocks.

I have supported Boro for 50 years and even im not as cynical as some of the spoilt arseholes brought up on the era of narcissistic cash cow football.

The game I loved has gone, its all business now, which I dont give a fuck about – but my club is still there for me, whether its League 2 or the overblown sterile vacuum that is the Premier League I will always be there for the Boro.

If things arent going to plan – I still love the day to day following my club. If players aren’t playing well, who cares, they are part of the team, part of the club, part of me and should be supported through the bad spells – of which we all have.

Im not here to be insulted by some arsehole who never saw Archie Stephens stick one in the back of the net in division three, someone who has only ever known clubs buying players for how many numbers are after the pound sign rather than what they can actually do on the pitch. So many average players going for stupid money who are not even good enough to lace the boots of Peter Creamer, let alone Graeme Souness.

Money has ruined this beautiful game and turned a few fans into spoilt children who cry like little babies when – in their opinion – not enough money is spent on them.

The transfer window is an unnecessary evil, before its existence players seemed loyal to their clubs, testimonials were ten a penny, a player could leave at anytime, but rarely did. Now its like they are desperate to force through a move quickly because theres an insane amount of money available elsewhere and they only have ten weeks to get their move or god forbid they’ll have to stay put for another five months.

A player is only worth what he can do on the pitch, but nowadays its all about a player supposedly being worth as much as you can squeeze out of the buyer regardless of talent.

True, there are exceptions. However – If I buy a Tesco Value Cornish Pasty for £5m – its still only a 39p pasty.

All I hear is “but the game has changed” – No it fucking hasn’t, its still the same game, whats changed is the greedy, self centred attitude of those IN the game. I dont care if football is a business, I dont give a toss of net/gross spends, or how much a player is supposedly ‘worth’, If a player is wearing a Boro shirt, (whether he cost £50m or 50p) he gets my support – even when going through a bad patch.

I dont care if anyone agrees with this or not, im here for the enjoyment, not to listen to incessant whining or how much money is going in and out. There are 25 players in a squad who get my support whatever the weather, whatever their price and whatever their skill set. The club is supposed to make you happy – ‘ even when the skies are grey’.

So from now on, it will just be stats and graphics. That makes me happy, along with The Boro (and I dont have to read through the bullshit) – I hope the tweets raise the odd smile and make you happy too.

Cheers. #UTB


One thought on “I Never Lose My Shit – But….

  1. Well said – but what a shame you had to say it. No surprises really though. The deterioration in useful online Boro chat has been evident for some years and summed up best by the state of the FMTTM Message Board through the build up to the start of the season and the window close.

    Before this time the older folk, particularly ex-pats, relied on a Boro mailing list that served us well for many years, often with reliable bits of inside information that was much appreciated and respected. Sadly that started to deteriorate with people abusing the sensitivity of the information and challenging the provenance and birthright of posters.
    FMTTM reflects the generally sad – and harmful – current state of social media.
    People hide behind the “it’s only banter” excuse when they post offensive, aggressive and threatening messages in response to someone’s opinion. Rarely do they offer any constructive argument so little debate ensues.
    Those that are ITK or want to offer an opinion tend to pull back from sharing and the void is filled with spurious and absurd posts about potential signings or whatever (or veers off into tedious political debates when there are plenty of other specialist forums).

    However, I’m not advocating that only optimistic or loyal posts should be permitted. Everyone has the right to look at events and comment on their interpretation or judgement of the quality of the signings or Downing’s contribution to the team or Pulis’ team tactics etc. Their view may not be agreed with but is far better countered with an opinion rather than abuse, questioning loyalty, length of time supporting, whatever.

    Clearly your analysis, based on detailed stats, is a much appreciated and useful tool to aid constructive discussion and opinion. Sadly, it seems that some folk are not equipped to read and interpret the data – or can’t be bothered. In this instant society, they jump in with knee jerk / chip on the shoulder /victim of some form of -ism offensive response.

    The old mailing list had a rule that people should only post stuff that they would say to someone’s face, while sitting around a table in the pub. Sadly that etiquette seems long forgotten, and the quality and value of our “online conversations” much the worse.

    FMTTM has become an empty shell, providing little useful information – and given the amount of “Fake News” rarely is there a means to identify the nugget. Ironically, in this time of data overload and super fast broadband access we are somewhat worse off – having to wait for authenticated news after the event!

    Don’t lose heart and please keep up the good work. Just because there is less debate isn’t the lack of readers just the intelligent folk that can’t be bothered to put their heads above the parapet ! Cheers!

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