Defensive Actions 2019/20

This rating is how many times per game the player defending is expected to be successful at winning tackles, clearing the lines, intercepting the opposing attacks and not conceding fouls from defensive situations. Players with a higher defensive rating will consistently win the ball cleanly and be a more capable defensive player.

Daniel Ayala 13.00
George Friend 10.00
Hayden Coulson 9.50
Ryan Shotton 7.10
Jonny Howson 4.40
Paddy McNair 3.70
Adam Clayton 3.50
Ashley Fletcher 3.40
Anfernee Dijksteel 3.00
Lewis Wing 3.30
Marvin Johnson 3.00
Britt Assombalonga 2.30
Marcus Browne 1.30
George Saville 1.00
Rudy Gestede 1.00
Stephen Walker 0.00


Our exclusive club and player ratings based on match statistics.


Based on tackling, clearances, blocks and defensive aerials.


Based on goals, aerial threat, shots on and off target.


Based on assists, passing, chances created and crossing.


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